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About Us

Healthy Foods Agro Limited is an agribusiness organization of youthful, ambitious, and hardworking entrepreneurs who are desirous of contributing a significant quota to global food security by providing a variety of healthful food options to its customers through sustainable, mechanized and technology-oriented commercial farming. We have over 10 years’ experience in poultry farming, livestock farming and commodity trading. Our interest also includes crop farming, horticulture, agro-processing, agro-inputs merchandise, logistics and specialized consultancy services.

  • Vision Statement. To be a leader of a sustainable and innovative agribusiness model for youth in Ghana, Africa
    and globally that not only produces healthy food but also makes a social and environmental

  • Mission Statement. We embrace innovation, research and social development in our agriculture operations in order to produce food sustainably and ethically through modern technologies and practices.
Healthy Foods Agro – For Food Security!

  • Our Purpose. We are desirous to maximize the potential of agriculture in Ghana by growing and supplying clean and healthy foods. We prioritize the adoption of sustainable mechanized and technology-focused agricultural approaches in our operations. This is in addition to continuous investment in innovation, research and development.

  • Innovation. We place a premium on continuous improvement in our operations through research and development to exceed the expectations of our customers. We strive to use innovation to expand our operations as well as promote sustainable production patterns for our business.

  • Ethics & Compliance. We uphold high ethical standards in our business as we believe it is important in building and maintaining the trust of our customers, employees, suppliers, communities as well as other stakeholders. We place a premium on conducting our business in a socially responsible and environmentally sustainable manner. Our anti-bribery and corruption policy, whistleblowing and code of conduct spells out our commitments to enhance business ethics and compliance 

Core Values