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Poultry Farming

We rear birds on commercial scale which includes layers and broilers, turkey and guinea fowl.

Commodity trading

Our flagship commodities include spices, cashew, shea


We grow vegetables and fruits for both the domestic and international market.

Fish Farming & Livestock

We raise livestock for commercial purposes including meat, milk, fur, leather and wool as well as rearing of fishes which includes cat fish and tilapia.

Crop Farming

We produce cereals, tubers, cash crops, and medical plants for the local and international market.

Agro-inputs merchandise

Sale of agro-chemicals, fertilizers, farm tools, equipment and machinery.

Agro processing

We have a 3 ton/hour capacity for processing poultry and other animal feeds for the Ghanaian market. We also process and sell organic spices and other finished agriculture produce


We provide warehouse and cold store services, haulage and rental of farm machinery.


What we’re offering

HF AGRO - For Food Security!

We have over 10 years’ experience in commodity trading, poultry and livestock. Our interests include crop farming, horticulture, poultry and fish farming, livestock, commodity trading, agro processing, agro-inputs merchandise, logistics and specialized consultancy services.

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